Sunday, July 20, 2008

True Sci-fi Black Metal : Esus (ver.1A)

This is the first sketch towards a body of work I am creating based on druidic ritual sacrifices and bog bodies. This image depicts Esus, a Druidic god who is often equated with the major deity of the Scandinavian Vikings / pagan Anglo-Saxons, Odin. In most cases the intended god meant to receive the ritual sacrifice can be deduced by the wounds inflicted on the victim - and in the most exciting cases, these wound types are evidence of sacrifice to multiple gods. My frame of study is centered around these multiple wound-type sacrifices and the three gods to which they are intended: Esus, Taranis, and Teutates.
In the case of Esus/Odin, the victims were often ceremoniously garroted (which is a fancy word for fancy rope used to strangle someone) or hung from a sacred tree and had their throats slashed. The operative words here being hung/choked and neck slashing - Esus/Odin loves trees, strangulation and blood. I felt that the combination of Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse in our current state of corporate-political-military-world-domination-eco-terrorism-meltdown seemed an aptly modern symbol for such a blood thirsty god.

Click on the image for an expanded view.

I would like to point out that my primary source right now is "The Life and Death of a Druid Prince" by Anne Ross and Don Robins. This book, a gift from my girlfriend, has changed my life and opened a whole new world of things to obsess over.

Recent experiments with collision graphics (v.1)

These are some recent experiments with color and shapes and eyeballs. This first one here kinda looks like a weird monkey face on acid...